About Me

So my name is Alison and I'm 28 years of age.
I started this blog in March 2015 as a place I could store my favourites recipes and progress.

I don't claim to be a know it all, or an expert when it comes to Slimming World but I've done my best to post fun and easy recipes everyone can enjoy. I really enjoy following the plan and it has changed my life, its helped me fall in love with food again and it's given me confidence in the kitchen to cook from scratch instead of relying on tins and jars.

I appreciate everyones input and the comments they leave are responded to as soon as I read them.
I post on instagram under doylie_sw as well so you're quite welcome to follow me there!

I work full time as a Graphic Designer and post here when I can. I've also taken up knitting as a hobby, I swear i'm not secretly a little old lady!
If anyone has any suggestions as to what they'd like to see here please feel free to leave me a comment!

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