Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas Cake

I have always been a firm believer that I wasn't a fan of Christmas Cake, but the cake in the new Festive Feasts book from group looked really good... so I gave it a go! And it was amazing! I have had cake for breakfast everyday this week... So I'm not holding out hope for a loss tomorrow! I would recommend this AND I think its worth the 5.5 syns per slice! I've had half a dozen taste testers so far and every single one of them has approved! (I have brutally honest friends so I know they're being honest) I need to make another one already and I only made it on Monday Night!!! Taking the rest of this for group to sample tomorrow and then need to look at making another this weekend, there will definitely be a few of these consumed over the festive season!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Cheese & Crackers

9 syns of heaven. 6 syns for the crinklys and 0.5 syns for each of the cheese blocks (they are the laughing cow ones that come in a variety of flavours) this felt like such a treat. And seeing as I hadn't had any syns up to this point it was well within my allowance! Silverskin onions added for speed! :)

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Mayflower Curry - Weigh Day

So tonight at group I had an unjustified gain of 1.5lb! I say unjustified... it probably was justified in some way I just refuse to believe it! I had a week off work which meant a week where I should have been planning meals and eating well which transpired to eating cake and living off service station coffee. Oh well! Hoping for a loss bigger than 1.5lb next week to balance it out! Here's my weigh day treat this week, no chippy or takeaway...a FAKEAWAY. It's the Mayflower Curry with some Egg Fried Rice. I really need to make this more! It was 4 syns worth because I used ALL the sauce but its a damn sight better than my other options!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Sensible Snacking

Sometimes I find it really hard to snack wisely when you aren't really hungry. When soup doesn't fill you but a meal would be overkill, so I think it's a great idea using chicken pieces etc to enjoy with some soup, it fills you without making you stuffed. I simple chopped my chicken up and cooked with some soy sauce and garlic and it was so nice! The soup is simple the 'Heinz' imitation soup which I actually prefer now to the real thing!!! Shocking I know, but it's syn free so it saves me a hefty chunk of syns!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A Full Day On Plan...

Attempting to post a full day to make me scrutinise what I'm eating, I want a good loss this week! And so far i've forgotten to photograph everything so here goes...
Overnight Oats for today made with 40g Oats, a sliced up orange, raspberries, fruitopolis yoghurt (0.5 syns) and then some protein syrup from The Protein Works (0.5 syns worth) tastes amazing and a nice change from my usual concoctions. It's 1 syn for it all if you use your oats as your B choice. I had this from about 10am until 1pm, as I was busy working swell so I didn't feel like having lunch as it was super filling.

Once I got home, I'd decided to have the Heinz inspired tomato soup so I decided i'd have an SP day (I know you're not supposed to have yoghurt on an SP day but it was a synned one and it was my decision to make). But as I didn't fancy the soup right away I made these little Pizza Thins using my second B choice for the thins & my cheese as my A choice. The picture pretty much explains what to do, you can add any veg you like but as I didn't have any I just stuck to cheese and tomato!

Finally, the soup as promised!

This is all I ate all day, I wasn't hungry and I sipped plenty of Winter Spice throughout the day too. Im shocked as I could normally eat 5 times this so I'm not sure whether I was just that busy I forgot to eat or if I just genuinely wasn't hungry.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Mayflower Curry Fakeaway

As you can see from previous posts I make S&P chicken quite frequently. I had completely forgotten about the joys of Mayflower Curry until I found it whilst out shopping this weekend. It's only about £1 for a box of powder (you make it up with water) and only 25g of powder is 4 syns it's fab!

Cooked some chicken, onions and peas just like my normal chinese and then made up the sauce and added it. SIMPLE!
Then just made up some noodles as the packet said and stir fried some beansprouts in for extra speed and VOILA! Job done. This is also only have of the sauce so is only 2 syns (although I did have the rest of it later)

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Best Voucher

For anyone wanting that bit of help before the festive season kicks in properly, I cannot recommend Slimming World enough, you don't have to go without. I still manage to enjoy all my favourite meals using my syns or just cooking things different. It's amazing. There is a voucher on sale from TUESDAY in BEST magazine that will give you free registration. What more could you want?

I'm looking forward to indulging this Christmas and if I gain a few pounds I know it will be worth it. I know I won't gain all the weight i've lost and as soon as I'm back on plan 100% it will be off. Trying to get as close to target as I can beforehand, 10lbs TO GO! This has by far been the hardest 10lbs to lose, I got down to 3lb from target and just couldn't maintain it but I am feeling a lot more positive this time round and I'm ready to get there!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Speedy Bolognese

I love a good bolognese but I hadn't made one for AGES! My other half makes a great bolognese and it's actually syn free.
Even managed to use my hex a for cheese now that I have my winter spice! I will get the recipe off him at some point...

Monday, 7 November 2016

Successful Day On Plan!

I've decided i'm going to try and photograph all my meals not just the pretty ones. And really look at what i'm eating vs. my losses etc. I had a beef stew for lunch after my Overnight Oats for breakfast (see previous post), followed by Salt & Pepper Chicken with peppers and onions and then a Fibre One bar with muller and raspberries for dessert.
All of that totalled by B choice + 6 syns, leaving me with 9 to use on snacks if I wanted to. I won't lie, I used it on chocolate, but that's fine, I satisfied my sweet tooth and I had the syns there to use. Winner!

The beef stew was done in the slow cooker and was quite literally some diced beef, 2 stock cubes and a bag of frozen casserole veg. I even chucked in some mushrooms and carrots that were left over and added salt and pepper. Popped the slow cooker on low for about 8 hours and thats it. Simple yet a real Winter Warmer.

Monday Morning Motivation

Overnight Oats prepped and ready to go. Starting the work week with good intentions and hoping to chip away at my 8lbs to target this week...
40g porridge oats, punnet of strawberries & a muller light. Simple. Here's to a good week...

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Syn Free Winter Spice

This is the easiest way for me to have a hot drink and not use my HEA, especially in Winter. It tastes like Mulled Wine but without the syns! Managed to find it in Sainsbury's for £2!

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Miss Slinky 2016

So now that I've got over the shock... I won this at group tonight.
I genuinely couldn't stop shaking I was so amazed to have gotten it. So many incredible people at my group tonight that inspire each other week in, week out. I've had a bit of a wobble recently I'll be the first to admit that so I didn't think I would even be nominated let alone win this.
An amazing taster full of low syn and syn free treats too, loads I want to remake, and my heads back in the game! 8lbs to go to target! Let's do this!

Half A Syn Sausage Rolls!

I am far too excited to devour a plate full of these at Taster tonight, and the best thing...

They are beautiful and will definitely be made again, in massive batches so I can live off them over the Christmas period and not feel guilty!

They are from the new Festive Feasts book that is available in groups this week, I got mine free with the Countdown Offer last month at group. I can't wait to try some other recipes from this book especially if they are as good as these!!