Sunday, 24 January 2016

Salt and Pepper chicken

Better than a Chinese! And only 2 syns for a massive portion!

Recipe is in a previous post but here you go for ease:

This was amazing.


Chicken breast, cut into chunks 
Plain flour (25g is 4 syns) 
Salt & Pepper 
Garlic granules 
One egg, whisked 
Fry Light 

A pepper, thinly sliced 
An onion, thinly sliced  
Soy sauce 
White wine vinegar 


Preheat oven to approx 180 degrees.
Combine Four tablespoons of flour in a bowl (25g is 4 syns), with half a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of pepper, along with half a teaspoon of garlic granules. 

In another bowl, whisk your egg and add a splash of soy sauce to season. 

Pop your chicken chunks in the egg and then in the flour mix. 

Once this is all done, arrange on a nonstick baking tray, sprayed with some Fry Light first. 

Then spray the chicken with Fry Light - this will help it to brown. 

If you're using the oven, leave the chicken for 15 minutes, and turn over, and then give it another spray of Fry Light and then give it another 10 minutes, or until golden. 

When the chicken is on the second round of cooking, in a non-stick pan, gently soften your peppers and onion. 

I'd add a splash of soy sauce for extra flavour. 

Once everything is soft add your cooked chicken from the oven. 

Mix together two teaspoons of sweetener with two tablespoons of white wine vinegar and stir until the sugar has dissolved. 

Add this to the pan and stir on a gentle heat. 

This will be quite dry, as Salt & Pepper chicken is, but that vinegar/sugar mixture really makes the dish. 

Taste and add some further salt and pepper if it needs it. 

The only syns are for the flour - I used 25g so 4 syns and 2 of us had it so was only 2 syns each! could easily divide between 4 and make it 1 syn per portion!


  1. I've seen a recipe for this which used the tweak of potato flour (ie Smash)instead of plain flour as a Syn free option. Seems to be accepted as Syn Free as the amount of Smash used is 5 tbsps.

  2. Yeah Ive used smash before but I find that this recipe seems to taste a lot nicer so I didn't mind using my syns on it as it wasn't that high etc nay as well experiment and find which method you prefer though :)