Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Parties

So recently, I haven't stuck to plan as much as I could have, I had a works xmas partys and our Slimming World christmas party at a masquerade ball.

I would be annoyed with myself, but these pictures make me so happy.

I managed to get into two amazing dresses and felt incredible on both nights, they are both dresses I would never have considered wearing back at the start of my journey.

I'm trying to stick to plan as much as I can but after last week and my 4.5lb gain, I know it won't be easy!

The first picture has two of my closest friends in it that both do SW with me, the third picture is my amazing consultant! I couldn't ask for a better consultant, she's more of a friend than anything and I know she will be there for me whenever I need her. The final one is the dress I wore in London last week on my works do. I felt awesome and loved every second of it! It was totally worth the 4.5lb gain!

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