Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Current Mood: Indecisive

As it stands, I've lost 2 stone 2lbs since March 12th 2015,

I've lost...
6.5 inches from my hips
7 inches from my waist
4.5 inches from my chest

and 3 inches from my legs since July 2015 (I didn't think to measure them from the start)

I am fully aware this may not seem like a lot to some people, I am also aware that some people don't even want to lose that amount of weight so they would see it as a lot.

To me, I was hoping to be at target by my anniversary, which is 5 weigh ins away (10th March) which I know won't be doable as I have recently lowered my target and now have 15lbs to lose to get there.

Although, since starting, I am not as bothered about the number on the scales, I am more bothered about how I feel in myself. I had a size 20 pair of denim shorts when I was at my biggest, and I've recently been able to get into size 10 clothing. Which is a massive thing for me. I want to be a comfortable size 12, which I don't feel I am at the moment so I am toying with the idea of having a break from SW and concentrating on toning and shaping up as I don't see the benefit of paying £5 per week to be weighed when I'm not interested in the number on the scales.

I have until the end of March already paid for so will most likely decide then but I would love to hear your thoughts?

I use instagram too and if anyone wants to follow me there my username is: doylie_sw




  1. Sometimes going to group isn't about looking at the scales, it's about keeping you on track. Everyone is different - I had to leave group due to a new job working shifts and I'm still motivated and weight myself at home however I know many people who think they can do it at home but then loose track.. you don't need a gym mnership to tone, I've just brought a mat and some medicine balls and just use you tube videos. You've come so far and should be proud. You're very inspiring to me :) Jodie x

    1. That's amazing. Thankyou so much! I completely agree with you! Been trying to get my head back into it but it's amazing to find that I inspire someone! It makes me blog worth it ❤️