Monday, 26 September 2016

Cinnamon Swirls

It was a good while since I made the original post so I thought it might be good to repost. I made these cinnamon swirls the other night watching Bake Off but I popped them in the freezer and forgot about them. Got them out tonight and baked half of them - these ones are 2 syns each. Recipe is below the picture!

1 X jus-roll puff pastry sheet (light) - 53 syns
Cinnamon powder

Make a paste out of the sweetener/water/cinnamon - I usually make it quite thick but it's to your own taste. 
Spread the mixture across the pastry sheet and then roll up and pop in the freezer for approx 20 mins (usually). 
Cut into however many you like and then bake for approx 20/25 mins on 180 - turning half way


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