Thursday, 9 April 2015

Double Burger with Cheese & Bacon

I used my HE A for the cheese & HE B on the roll, and synned some extra cheese.
Basically, used 250g of the 5% fat mince, added a chopped up onion (can use shallots) and a clove of garlic chopped up.
I would advise adding some herbs/spices as it was a little bland, but it's as simple as that.
combine these ingredients in a bowl then split into two and make two burgers out of it.
season them both with salt and pepper.
spray with fry light and then grill for approx 5-6 mins on each side.
Added bacon with all fat removed & cheese, in whatever order you like.
It was a lovely burger but I definately feel like adding some chilli flakes or just some more seasoning would have helped massively.

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