Sunday, 11 October 2015

SW Breakfast

Keeping it simple this morning!

Bacon - no fat, syn free sausages, scrambled egg and chopped tomatoes.
Just 2 syns for my HP sauce!

Lovely and filling start to the day!


  1. Hi, enjoying reading through your posts. Which are your favourite syn-free sausages or which low-syn sausages would you recommend? I'm struggling to find the best ones. I'm using Quorn sausages for now but miss meat x

  2. Hiya! at the moment I just use the SW sausages, although I know they are expensive for how many you get (£3 for 6) so I only buy them when we get vouchers from group. A lot of the reduced fat ones are really low in syns to be honest. Theyre on average 1 syn each. And the Heck chicken ones are only 1/2 x