Tuesday, 15 November 2016

A Full Day On Plan...

Attempting to post a full day to make me scrutinise what I'm eating, I want a good loss this week! And so far i've forgotten to photograph everything so here goes...
Overnight Oats for today made with 40g Oats, a sliced up orange, raspberries, fruitopolis yoghurt (0.5 syns) and then some protein syrup from The Protein Works (0.5 syns worth) tastes amazing and a nice change from my usual concoctions. It's 1 syn for it all if you use your oats as your B choice. I had this from about 10am until 1pm, as I was busy working swell so I didn't feel like having lunch as it was super filling.

Once I got home, I'd decided to have the Heinz inspired tomato soup so I decided i'd have an SP day (I know you're not supposed to have yoghurt on an SP day but it was a synned one and it was my decision to make). But as I didn't fancy the soup right away I made these little Pizza Thins using my second B choice for the thins & my cheese as my A choice. The picture pretty much explains what to do, you can add any veg you like but as I didn't have any I just stuck to cheese and tomato!

Finally, the soup as promised!

This is all I ate all day, I wasn't hungry and I sipped plenty of Winter Spice throughout the day too. Im shocked as I could normally eat 5 times this so I'm not sure whether I was just that busy I forgot to eat or if I just genuinely wasn't hungry.

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