Monday, 7 November 2016

Successful Day On Plan!

I've decided i'm going to try and photograph all my meals not just the pretty ones. And really look at what i'm eating vs. my losses etc. I had a beef stew for lunch after my Overnight Oats for breakfast (see previous post), followed by Salt & Pepper Chicken with peppers and onions and then a Fibre One bar with muller and raspberries for dessert.
All of that totalled by B choice + 6 syns, leaving me with 9 to use on snacks if I wanted to. I won't lie, I used it on chocolate, but that's fine, I satisfied my sweet tooth and I had the syns there to use. Winner!

The beef stew was done in the slow cooker and was quite literally some diced beef, 2 stock cubes and a bag of frozen casserole veg. I even chucked in some mushrooms and carrots that were left over and added salt and pepper. Popped the slow cooker on low for about 8 hours and thats it. Simple yet a real Winter Warmer.

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