Thursday, 8 December 2016

Christmas Party & Weigh Day

So Monday was our annual Christmas Party in London and safe to say I was completely off plan. I haven't been on plan all week and weighed in today with a 6lb gain. I was devastated in all honesty but going off everything i've consumed this week it should have been a lot worse. I'm now 12.5lbs from my target which I know I won't get before xmas now but I'm still going to try my best to get as much as possible off again! I'm so close now and i'm determined not to sabotage it! This photo is from my Christmas Party (left) and the right hand one is one time hop kindly decided to show me from several years ago. I never remember actually being that big to be honest, I think I was in denial. I know a xmas party or a few days off with most likely end in a gain but I also know I will never be back at the weight I was on the right. This has been more about finding a love for myself rather than losing weight. I am finally getting happy with how I look and it definitely isn't about the number on the scales anymore it's more about how I feel in myself and when I can look in the mirror and know that i'm happy that's when I will know to call target; for the sake of SW I have set a target but this could change depending on the above.

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