Friday, 2 December 2016

Weigh Day

I'll be honest and say I wanted more, I always do. But I feel this was a fair representation of the effort I put in this week. It's scary to think I only have 6.5lbs to go until I reach my target.
I do think I will lower my target at some point, but not by much. I want to concentrate on maintaining it as I feel that's where I went wrong last time I got close to target.
I'd like to get to target before Christmas (3 weigh ins) but I know I have a few events coming up that may stop that... but I also know its possible so we will see!
5 weigh ins left of my 12 week countdown so it would be amazing to go into 2017 a target member. Fingers crossed! Hope everyone else has a good weigh in this week!

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