Tuesday, 10 January 2017

My Journey So Far

I thought it was important to write this. I think a lot of people just expect a diet to help them lose weight and they never think of gaining/maintaining, I know I thought that. I thought i'd be at my goal in a year and be loving it. I probably could have done that if I didn't have a life, or if I'd have been 100% on plan 24/7 for 365 days but who can say that they can physically do that? I know I can't. Here's my graph from SW Online, it shows my losses but it also shows my gains and maintains, you can see how close I came to my target (the purple line) and also the massive gain the week after as I just couldn't physically maintain that weight, I don't think I was in the right mind set.

2016 was a busy and eventful year as you can see, and I finished the year 1.5lbs heavier than what I ended 2015 but in that year I learned a lot.

I learnt to accept that there is no harm in a gain and I also allowed myself to enjoy everything and just get back to plan when I can.

I plan on reaching target this year and I feel a lot more focused now than ever.
I know that it is possible and I feel I'll be able to maintain it this time which I think is down to proving to myself I can maintain a weight which is what I did last year. I'll never be back to where I started - which truth be told is another 18lbs on top of where this started, and I've now accepted that.

I'm confident in achieving my goals this year and I just wanted to write this for the newbies out there or the ones that have lost their way. I lost my way the entire year last year, I'm only human. It just takes something to click and all of a sudden you're back and you're raring to go. So to anyone starting out don't be afraid to fall off the wagon just get back to it as soon as you can, and to those currently off the wagon I hope you find you're way back soon!

A lot of people see weight loss stories and just assume it was all plain sailing and it dropped off just like that, and for some people it does. But for some of us it doesn't and that's okay too!

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