Sunday, 15 January 2017

Porky Lights & Comfort Food

So I finally got hold of these Porky Light sausages that everyone is raving about. I even bought 5 packs because of how many people have raved about them... so I was hoping they would be good!
I decided to make Sausage and Mash for tea on Friday night. The total for this entire meal was 1.5 syns (for the sausages at 0.5 syns each) and I'd have thought I was eating full fat, meaty sausages. They were fab! I added some milk from my A choice to my mash and I cooked off some mushrooms and onions with stock and hot water which in turn acted like a gravy. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of them and will definitely be stocking up my freezer!

I then had some more on Saturday morning just to make sure I was sure I liked them obviously... I can't fault them at all I just wish they were a little cheaper. But i'm more than happy to pay £2.25 per 6 sausages if they taste like that!

I may have also then had two on Sunday morning with my cooked breakfast... Definitely a winner in this house!

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