Thursday, 5 January 2017

What a way to start 2017!

So I went to weigh in expecting a gain, and probably a hefty one at that! I was amazed to find out I'd lost 1lb. I lost 2.5lb over Christmas last year and I lost the same this year, I'm quite impressed. It's shown me I can still enjoy myself and lose weight, I definitely wasn't on plan! I also won Slimmer Of The Week, because hardly anyone had lost both last week and this week! The last time I got a SOTW Certificate was 2015, time to start adding some more I think!

I normally have a takeaway treat on weigh day, but I remembered I had some Egg Fried Rice to use up and after a hefty lunch I wasn't overly keen on a massive tea so I just had the rice and some Mayflower Curry Powder (4 syns for 28g) so easy to do and really nice, it felt like i'd nipped to the Chinese! Even better! Here's to a good week and another loss next week!

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