Sunday, 8 January 2017

Slimming World Top Tips

So following on from the Photo Challenge I thought it might be worth expanding on some of my top tips for following Slimming World...

1. Take Photos: if anyone ever looked at my camera roll I'd probably look extremely vain and obsessed with food! But it helps massively. I regret deleting old photos because I don't have many to choose from now but I am constantly taking photos so I can compare them along the way as I don't think you can always see a difference when you're looking in the mirror on a daily basis.

2. Identify Your Weaknesses: by that I mean if you've got a sweet tooth, make sure you look for low syn treats etc so you aren't going without, if you're a brew addict make sure you're measuring your milk and synning excess. If you love pizza, find a way to make it work for you. Everyone is different and everyone will use their syns for different things which leads me into my next point...

3. Plan Ahead: if you know you get a sweet tooth at night, make a syn box or have low syn treats in so when it strikes you aren't drawn to the highest synned chocolate in the house. Also, if you know you're off out for a meal it always helps to try and see a menu online or search the SW website for syn values to see what will work best for you.

4. Batch Cook: I'm not saying batch cook a months worth of meals and start from there (feel free if that's your thing but it's definately not mine) but if I use a recipe that's for 4 and there's only us two, I can portion up the others for lunches or freeze them so I've got them for a busy day. I also like to batch cook soups etc so I've got them handy for work and I don't have to go in search of food on my lunch.

5. Variety: I think this is the biggest thing, if you make the same thing day in day out you get bored, anyone does. Try and vary the meals you make. This works well with the batch cooking as you can build up a nice variety in the freezer to pick from. I try and do a new recipe a fortnight even if it's a new dessert recipe or try a new snack. I know some people are busier than others so some have the ability to make a new one a week or every day but that's certainly not me!

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