Thursday, 14 April 2016

4lb Challenge Result...

Stayed on plan. 
Used my syns wisely. 
Upped my water intake. 
Tried new recipes and was never hungry. Couldn't be happier! 
Here's to another fab week, aiming for 3lb next week!

I'd be totally honest and say I didn't deserve it, if I felt that way. But I've made such good decisions and worked really hard that if I hadn't have got it I would have been gutted! My aim for the week is to mix up my healthy extras again so I'm not having the same everday. I also want to keep up my increased water intake & try some new recipes. So hoping it all works in my favour and I can get the 3lb I want next week while will take me back to where I was a few weeks ago (I lost 8lb in 2 weeks and then gained 8lbs over 3).

I have 4 weigh ins left of my 6 week countdown and then I go to Frankfurt with work, I want to aim to be on the stone mark (or even into the next stone bracket) by then, so from now I need 6lbs. Meaning I need 1.5lbs per week for the next 4 weeks to get it or a little bit more if I'm honest. It's totally do able as I've shown myself this week, I'm just glad that it isn't more so I don't feel as pressured to get it.

Currently 13lbs from target!

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