Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Time Management

I've been super busy this week so haven't had as much time to prep as I would like. Last night I had the Bolognese Ragu meal from Iceland and tonight I've just had the Chicken Pizzaiola Iceland meal. 

Would highly recommend having some in just in case you haven't got time to cook. It's an easy way to make sure to stay on plan as much as possible. 

I made pasta for my Ragu and Sweet Potato chips for my Pizzaiola.  Here's what they looked like:

Your always advised to add your own speed food to guarantee the 1/3 speed per meal but I didn't with these. Still, it was completely syn free and a lot better than a takeaway option!

These are great too because if you like them, they have the recipe on the back for you to make your own!

Will definitely be trying to do these soon!

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